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Correcting your electronic tax return

If you have received a confirmation number, this means that the CRA has accepted your tax return for processing. At this point, you are not able to change or correct your tax return and re-send it through the NETFILE service. You can, however, use My Account's Change my return option.

If you tried to send your electronic tax return through the NETFILE service and we need additional information or clarification of the tax return before accepting it for processing, we will send you a message explaining which area you should correct. This means that your electronic tax return was not accepted for processing.

  1. Before leaving the NETFILE website, save, print, or make note of all messages that display.

  2. To make changes to your saved return, you'll have to leave the NETFILE website and return to the tax preparation software on your computer or to the website of your web application. Find your copy of the tax return and open the file to make the necesary changes.

  3. Review the message(s) describing the problem(s) and follow the instructions to change or correct your return. For example, you may receive the following message:

    Example only
    XXXX You made a claim for a spouse or common-law partner amount on line 303 of Schedule 1 and, if applicable, on line 5812 of your provincial or territorial Form 428 of your return, but you did not indicate your marital status as married or living common law. Please change your marital status on your return or delete the entry on line 303 and, if applicable, the entry on line 5812.

    The first sentence of the message states the problem:
    You haven't indicated that you're married, but you're claiming a credit for your spouse.

    The second sentence suggests two ways to fix the problem:
    If you're married or living common-law, change your tax return to indicate that fact.
    If you're not married or living common-law, you're not entitled to claim the spousal amount and should delete the claim from your tax return.

  4. After making the required changes, re-save your tax return in the correct format (e.g., ".tax").

  5. Return to the NETFILE transmission webpage and send us your corrected electronic tax return. You'll have to enter your three personal identification items again, then attach the newly saved electronic tax return.

  6. We'll send you back a confirmation number, which you should keep for your records.